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We are Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd., manufacturer of ramen instant noodle machine and instant noodle production line, rice noodles machine, starch and rice vermicelli machine and instant rice noodle production line.

▶️ Heshan Noodle Production Line

We do globally turnkey projects of pasta ramen and starch and rice vermicelli noodles making facilities.
Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd.

▶️ Heshan Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

We are manufacturer of ramen instant noodle machine and instant noodle production line, rice noodles machine, starch and rice vermicelli machine and instant rice noodle production line. We do globally turnkey projects of pasta ramen and starch and rice vermicelli noodles making facilities.

Heshan Recent Projects And Technology Updates

+ Small Scale Precooked Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line↓

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+ Pressure Steaming Type Hakka Instant Noodle Machines↓

▶️ Pressure Steaming Type Dried Hakka Noodle Production Line

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The non-fried dry hakka instant noodle production line (heated-air-dried instant noodle machine), featured the batch high pressure steaming unit operation consists of the steps of dough kneading, dough setting, compound and continuous dough sheet rolling/pressing, noodles strip slitting, noodles strip length cutting and noodles block boxing, steaming tray stacking, batch pressure cooking, heated-air-drying, cooling, finally packaging. The complete set of the hakka noodles machine is either fully automated such as dough making and noodles strip cutting, or manually assisted mechanized operation like the loading the layer stacks of noodles tray arrays into the pressure cookers.

In the dry hokka noodle production line, flour and water are mixed, and after automatic dough making, dough resting, compound pressing and continuous rolling to form the dough sheet, which is cut into noodles shreds and automatically put inside the plastic boxes; after stacking, they are sent into the high-pressure steamers of the instant noodle machine assembly. After steaming time for 2 or 3 Minutes, the stretchiness and flexibility of the steamed noodles are significantly increased and products are more thoroughly sterilized, extending the shelf life. After the noodles are steamed, they are placed in the metal noodles boxes, which carry the noodles into the heated-air dryer for drying. The drying time is about 40 minutes. Output capacity of one hakka instant noodles dryer is from 250 kg to 1200 kg per hour.

Due to the use of autoclave cooking instant noodle machine, the degree of ɑ gelatinization is effectively improved. The product has a beautiful appearance, is slightly yellowish and semitransparent; the re-hydrated or cooked noodles have an elastic and refreshing texture; the noodles soup is not muddy and highly appetizing.

+ Coated Fried Peanuts Processing Line↓

▶️ Coated-and-fried Japanese Peanuts Processing Line

🌐 Coated Fried Peanuts Processing Line Homepage

PDF File: coated-peanuts-production-line.pdf

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The automatic snack coating machine is for the coating snack foods such as: peanut, green beans, broad beans, melon seeds, cashews, macadamia nuts and etc. which to be wrapped with flour before frying or baking processing. It can also be wrapped in different flavors (spicy, cumin, tomato, barbecue, mustard, chocolate, etc.), changing the nut flavor and taste but rich variety to satisfy people's individual needs for nut products.

+ Rice Vermicelli Extruder With Quick-Mounting Mechanism↓

▶️ Heshan Rice Vermicelli Extruder
Pasta Extruder With Quick-Mounting Mechanism For Die Plate Assembling

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The die plates of the extruders of our rice vermicelli machines and rice noodles machines can be quickly disassembled and assembled from the side installation port. Most our competitors require manual removal of several screws from the bottom before the rice noodles machine die plate can be removed. Disassembly and assembly are very labor-intensive (it takes about 1 Hour). Our rice noodles machine extruders are equiped with an easy-to-pull-out die plate and a special pulling-out-mechanism that can automatically replace the rice noodles machine extruder die plate. The procedure can be completed in about 10 minutes. The rice noodles machine extruder dies are often clogged with the feed debris so that die plate needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, rice noodles factories urgently need to solve this problem. Our rice noodles extruders with the easy-to-pull-out die plates were developed under this situation.

+ Extruded Non-Fried Instant noodles production Line↓

▶️ High Temperature Extrusion Non-Fried Instant noodle production Line

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Instant Noodle Machine / Instant Vermicelli Machine Description:

High-temperature extrusion non-fried instant noodle production line integrates automatic dough kneading, automatic feeding, extrusion, noodles cooling and conveying, automatic strip cutting, automatic lifting and conveying. This instant noodle production line features humidification before length cutting, automatic drying, automatic noodles placement in drying boxes and automatic noodles block shaping. It is a complete set of instant noodle machines that automatically make non-fried instant noodles from material feeding to finished product delivery and packaging. It is an ideal choice to replace the fried instant noodle machines.

Instant noodle production Line Introduction

High-temperature extrusion instant noodles are a kind of non-fried instant noodles, which can be eaten after brewing for 3-5 minutes in hot water. Because it does not contain additives such as preservatives and edible glue, it re-hydrates well, and the noodles texture is firm. It is loved by consumers and has become one of the main products of non-fried instant noodles in China.

Instant noodle production Line Features

  • With high-speed dough kneading, raw materials are evenly mixed, no aging is required;
  • Automatic quantitative feeding;
  • The thickness of the extruded dough sheet is uniform, and the sheet is stable;
  • Using new extruder with output capacity that is 2 to 3 times larger than that of traditional equipment, greatly improves production efficiency, high output and good stability;
  • Adopting continuous stirring, automatic cutting off, and continuous drying, it truly realizes automatic continuous production, greatly improves work efficiency and saves manpower.
  • Every instant noodle machine on the instant noodle production line is controlled by PLC, which is highly intelligent;
  • The produced noodles have uniform micro-expansion with good re-hydration performance, and elastic noodles;
  • This unit is suitable for the production of non-fried wide instant noodles.

Instant Noodle Machine Operation Process

Raw material (flour) → Add water and stir continuously → Material conveying → Forced feeding → Self-cooked extrusion → Noodles sheet cooling and conveying → Slitting → Separate conveying → Elevating (humidification and softening) → Cut off → Drop box → Shaping → Drying → Conveying → Packaging → finished product

+ Instant noodle production process↓

The main process the instant noodle production:

Feeding → mixing → proofing → calendering → shredding → cooking → cutting → frying → air cooling → packaging → packing → storage

1. Feeding Machine

Generally, an automatic instant noodle machine wheat flour supply system is used, like this:

The automatic flour supply system can greatly reduce the labor intensity and increase the measurement accuracy at the same time. First look at the flour storages, which are large containers that you may see with the naked eye around many instant noodles factories:

There is a flour feeding device at the bottom of the flour bins. It is usually required to manually load the flour into a place similar to a transfer station, and then the equipment pumps the flour into the bins. Then feeds, including the different proportions of flour, starch and gluten are measured and weighed separately, and then transported to the mixer by a crew conveyors.

After passing through the inspection screen, it enters the storage bins of the production line.

2. Dough Making Machine

After the mixed flour and starch are evenly mixed in the instant noodle machine dough mixer, a certain amount of water containing about 2% of salt is added, and through the mechanical stirring of the dough mixer, the gluten protein particles in the wheat flour gradually absorb water and swell, and stick to each other to form a certain elasticity, extensibility, Viscous and plastic gluten network, at the same time, the starch dispersed in water at room temperature in wheat also absorbs water and swells, and is embedded in the gluten network, thus forming a wet dough with plasticity, extensibility and cohesion. Due to the requirements of the subsequent processing, it is essential that the amount of water added should be appropriate. At this time, the mixed dough is in the shape of loosely disintegrated , which forms lumps by light kneading, that can be loosened by mild twisting.

3. Sitting Up Of The Dough

The sitting up is to keep the dough, after kneading into a low-speed mixer for 10 minutes or longer, to improve the operability of the dough at room temperature. Through sitting up ripening, the moisture in the dough is more uniform, and penetrates into the interior of the wheat flour, so that protein and starch in the dough fully absorb water, making the gluten network more stable.

Major Instant Noodle Machines Of The Assembly:
a. Resting tank: the place where the mixed dough is stored and matured.
b. Stirring rod: an outer rod-shaped structure running at a low speed, which feeds the dough into the compound feeding mechanism to ensure continuous production and prevent the dough from standing still and agglomerating.

4. Compound Rolling And Continuous Calendering

Compound rolling: the loose dough passes through a feeding mechanism and is fed into the sheet rollers to form a dough sheet. The two dough sheets are combined into one dough sheet, which is called compounding. At this time, the thickness of the dough is about 5-7mm .

Continuous calendering: The compounded dough sheet cannot be directly used for cutting noodles because they are too thick, and must be thinned. Through a serial of 5-7 pairs of calendering rollers, the thickness of the dough sheet is gradually reduced to 0.5~1 mm.

5. Shredding

The dough sheet, after continuous calendering is cut into rectangular or circular fine noodles by a pair of shredding knives. There is a fine mesh belt conveyor made of stainless steel wire with adjustable conveying speed, to create corrugated waving noodles shaping. This is achieved due to the linear speed of the mesh belt is smaller than the linear speed of the noodles; and the speed difference forces the noodles passing through subject to certain resistance and swing back and forth, distorted, and piled up into a wavy shape in which the crests stand up and the front and back crests lean against each other.

It is required that the finished noodles are with smooth surfaces, neatly wavy curves and no drawing; and the moving lanes of noodles belts shall be equal in the amount of the noodles and the noodles belts are properly separated.

6. Cooking

On the instant noodle production line during the cooking process starch granules in flour absorb water and expand and break under a certain temperature and humidity; starch gelatinization takes place and the starch granules lose crystallinity. This process causes the starch to become more readily digestible.

7. Cold Water Bathing, Cutting And Folding

Cold water bathing: Cold water is sprayed on the noodles to stop cooking so that the noodles are ready for further processing

I. Cutting and folding for bagged noodles: Cut the steamed noodles into the required measurement to achieve fixed-length with designated amount of noodles. Folding: Fold the cut noodles (bag noodles) into two layers, initially having the shape of a noodles block

The order is: Cut off → fold → spraying liquid seasoning → put into the fried bowl box

The corrugated curves of the noodles is regular, and the noodles blocks are square-shaped.

II. For cupped/bowled noodles: spraying liquid seasoning → Stretch → Cut

After the noodles are cut, there is no need to fold them, and they are put directly into the frying trays. The noodles are irregularly corrugated and the noodles blocks are round-shaped.

8. Frying Or Drying

On the deep-fried instant noodle production line of the instant noodle machine assembly, frying is to put the quantitatively cut noodles pieces into the noodles trays of the automatic fryer to make them pass through the high-temperature oil tank continuously. Rapid vaporization, the water that originally existed in the noodles escapes quickly, makes the noodles form a porous structure, and at the same time further increasing the degree of gelatinization of the starch in the noodles. When the noodles are soaked, hot water can easily enter these micropores, Therefore, it has a very good rehydration property. On the other hand, due to the rapid drying, the gelatinization state of starch after steaming is fixed, which greatly reduces the "retrogradation" speed of instant noodle products in storage and transportation, and maintains the quality of instant noodles. Rehydration, the purpose of dehydration is to reduce water for storage.

On the heated-air-dried instant noodle production line of the instant noodle machine assembly, non-fried instant noodles are dehydrated in a heated-air-dryer instead of a fryer.

9. Air-cooling on the fried and non-fried instant noodle machine assemblies

During this process water content in noodles will further reduced when the noodles are cooled down from about 120°C to about 5°C higher than room temperature (35°C~40°C) , for subsequent packaging.

Alternative methosds

a. Blowing down from the top: After frying, the noodles blocks are cooled by air blowing down from the fan above the cooling box.

b. Air blowing upward from the bottom: After frying, the noodles blocks are cooled by air blowing upward from the blower below the cooling box. At present, this method is mostly used.

10. Packaging

The noodles blocks and seasoning sachets are sealed and packaged to prevent moisture absorption and deterioration of the products, extend the shelf life, and facilitate transportation and sales. A forks is provided in the cupped noodles package, which can be directly brewed and eaten in the cup, which is very convenient.

11. Cartoning

Nowadays many enterprises have adopted automatic cartoning machines to reduce labor intensity and increase productivity. The principle is to use the mechanical arm or the suction cup to quantitatively grab the corresponding numbers of cups or bags of noodles and put it into the carton; the carton is automatically sealed by the carton packing machine.

12. Storage

Generally, electric forklifts are used to transfer the whole board of instant noodles to the warehouse. The use of electric forklifts can reduce product pollution and environmental pollution. The stacking height of instant noodles in stock is generally set in combination with its own product packaging characteristics and storage capacity.

Generally, it is required to be dry, ventilated, avoid direct sunlight, and the temperature should be around 25 degrees Celsius.

+ The Instant noodle production Line And The Conveyor System↓

The conveyor system is critical for the smooth operation of the automatic instant noodle production line. There are multiple stages during the instant noodles making process and different conveyors are required to transfer the material in between the instant noodle machines:

  • Flour in bags from storage to the noodles line - We recommend using roller conveyor to move the flour in bags to the site where the instant noodle machine assembly is located. Alternatively, forklifts can also be used.
  • Transfer the flour on the ground level to the mixer - Screw conveyor is appropriate to transfer the flour to the mixer:
  • Structural features of the screw conveyor
    • The screw shaft and hanging bearings, head, tail shaft connection are embedded tongue, which means the installation and demolition can be done without axial movement resulting easy maintenance.
    • With variable-diameter structure, the volume of the hanging bearing is increase to avoid hanging bearing and material contact hence prolonging the lifespan of the bearing.
  • The mesh conveyor as an integrated part the noodles steamer of the instant noodle machine assembly
  • Noodles case conveyor which is an integrated part the noodles deep fryer of the instant noodle machine assembly
  • Noodles case conveyor which is an integrated part the noodles cooling chamber of the instant noodle machine assembly
  • Noodles packaging conveyor system basically consists of belt conveyors
  • Roller conveyor system for the transportation of carton boxes packed with cup-noodles and bag-noodles

Heshan® Conveyor and Packaging Line Categories

Heshan Food Machine Categories

Fried, Dried And Fresh Instant Noodle Machine, Instant Noodle Production Line And Other Pasta Ramen Machines

Instant noodles machines - The fried and non-fried instant noodle production lines, the easy-cooking dried hakka instant noodle production line. Beef, chicken soup, and seafood instant noodles are all made by these instant noodles lines. The fresh wet noodle production line and the chin chin machine are also belong to this category.

Mung-bean/Potato/Cornstarch/Rice Vermicelli Machine, Rice Noodles Machine And Rice Vermicelli Production Line

One Heshan project in this category is a Dry Rice Ada Flakes Production Line in India. It automatically makes rice flakes on the rice processing line very similar to the complete set of rice noodles machines and rice vermicelli machines. Dried ada flakes are very convenient to prepare ada pradhaman dessert.

Fried Japanese-style Peanuts Processing Line, Instant Noodles Seasoning Sachets, Conveying And Packaging System, etc.

  • Coated-and-fried Japanese Peanuts & Fried Chin Chin Snacks Lines
  • Instant noodles Seasoning Packets
  • Food Product Packaging System
  • Breakfast Cereal, Corn Flakes, Machines
  • Pet Food Production Line,
  • Conveyor System.

Specifications Of Heshan Machines

Featured Heshan Food Machines

Specifications Of Heshan Machines

Featured Heshan Food Machines

Wheat Flour Category - Product Specifications

▶️ Showcase Videos Of Wheat Flour Category

Ramen Instant Noodle Machine, Production Line And Other Machines that Make Fried Instant Noodles, Fried Nigeria Chin Chin, Dried Noodles, Wet Noodles and Other Wheat Foods, Cupped/Bowled Instant Noodle Production Line

+ Cupped Fried Instant Noodles Making Machine, Production Line↓

This is a standard flow chart of the cupped instant noodle production line which can be partially altered according to specific requirement. It is compatible to the Indomie instant noodle production line. It is similar to the Bag instant noodle production line except the shaping of noodles.

Process Flow Diagram

Specification of Cupped Fried Instant Noodle Production Line


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+ Bagged Fried Instant Noodle Production Line↓

This is a standard flow chart of the cupped instant noodle production line which can be partially altered according to specific requirement. It is compatible to the Indomie instant noodle production line. It is similar to the bagged instant noodle production line except the shaping of noodles.

Process Flow Diagram

Specification of Cupped Fried Instant Noodle Production Line


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+ Chin Chin Fried Snack Production Line↓

Heshan® Chin Chin Production Line Home Page

Heshan provides Fully Automatic Fried Chin Chin Snack Production Line, and Turnkey Chin Chin Making Plants in Africa and around the world. Although every household knows how to make this food in their own ways the most important aspect of making chin chin by using machines is that the hygienic standards are higher. Read More at:

+ Fried Snack Noodles Plant↓

The deep fried snack noodles are produced by the following process:

Breaking → Noodle-crumb → seasoning → Stir-frying(with sugar+season) → Forming → Cooling → Packing


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+ Yee Mee Crispy Fried Instant Noodle Production Line↓

Heshan® yee mee crispy fried noodle production lines, complete sets of equipment, are mostly made of SUS304 stainless steel and are equipped with the automatic control system of international famous brands. Our lines include the two types - the raw-noodle-frying process and the pre-cooked-noodle-frying process that turn raw wheat flour into crispy, firm, smooth and tasty yee mee noodles.

Yee Mee, also called Yi Mein or Yee-Fu Noodles, which are made into a kind of golden brown, crispy, and smooth taste noodles with flour as raw material. This kind of noodles originated in Canton and is one of the famous noodles in China. These noodles are suitable to make sizzling/clay pot yee mee, Halal three delicacies(seafood) yee mee, Huafeng yee mee, Hokkien Mee, Kung Fu yee mee, and Cantonese style yee mee. People like to serve them on their birthdays, which means longevity, called them Sau mein.

Because of the similarities between Yee Mee and modern instant noodles, they have been spread all over the world, and they are especially popular in Malaysia, Japan, India and other Southeast Asian countries. They are cooked to prepare a variety of local cuisines, for example, Japenese Teriyaki noodles, Indian Mie goreng, Halal Sizzling yee mee, quick cooked yee mee, instant yee mee, fried yee mee, Malaysia yee mee, etc.


Showcase Video

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+ Dried Cooking Instant Noodles Making Machine, Production Line↓

A good example of this category is an automatic heated-air-dried instant noodle processing line in Germany as is shown in the video.

Heshan Machinery Co. Ltd. provides the dried cooking instant noodle production line turnkey projects that is highly reliable and fully automatic. Please feel free to contact us for further details. One of our show case projects is an automatic heated-air-dried instant noodle processing line in Germany as is shown in the slides above and the video next to this paragraph. The noodles making process includes dough processing, sheet rolling, noodle-cutting and wave-forming, steaming, noodles blocks shaping, and lastly, drying.

Process Flow Diagram



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+ Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line↓

Non-fried bag(cup) instant noodle produced by the Heshan® instant noodle production line is easy to prepare within four-minute steeping in hot water; The taste of non-fried instant noodles is flexible; they retain the vitamin and other nutrition components and the minerals up to 90%. Three kinds of technologies are provided by Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce the non-fried instant noodles. You can choose one of them according to your specific situation.

Instant Noodle Production Line Flow-sheet:

I. Twice Steaming + Dipping + High Temperature Drying

Flour Mixing → Aging → Rolling → Steaming (I) → Dipping → Second time steaming → Cutting High Temperature–Dehydration → Hot-air Drying → Cooling → Packing

II. Cooling + Hot-air Drying

Flour Mixing → Aging → Rolling → Steaming →cutting → freezing → hot-air drying →cooling → packing

III. Microwave + Hot-air Drying

Flour Mixing → Aging → Rolling → Steaming →cutting → microwave →hot- air drying →cooling → packing

Process Flow Diagram



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+ Stick Noodles Line↓

Stick noodles are dried under comparatively lower temperature than other dried noodle products. The noodles are hanged to dry slowly to keep the original flavor. Heshan® stick noodles line produces stick noodles through the following series of process by our stick noodles machines:

Mixing Machine → Feeder And Compound Rolling Machine → Continuous Rolling Machine → Putting up → Drying Machine → Putting down → Cutting Machine → Ration Weighing → Packing → Finished Products

Process Flow Diagram



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+ Fresh Wet Instant Noodle Production Line↓

We provide small industrial fresh noodles machines and medium to large fresh production lines to make fresh instant noodles. These are assemblies of noodles maker machines. The raw fresh noodles can be packaged as the final product or steamed or boiled before packaging. This noodle production line is compatible to the Japanese Udon ramen machinery. In developed countries products are usually refrigerated before distribution.

Mixing Machine → Feeder And Compound Rolling Machine → Continuous Rolling Machine → Noodles Slicing Machine → Cutting Machine → Optional Cooking Machine or Steamer → Optional Freezing → Ration Weighing → Packing → Finished Products



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+ Walnut Cake Machine↓

The WCM series walnut cake machine produces delicious snacks.



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Rice And Starch Category - Product Specifications

▶️ Showcase Videos Of Rice And Starch Category

Instant Rice Noodles Machine And Rice Vermicelli Machine that Make Vermicelli Instant Noodles, Cellophane Noodles and Fresh Wet Rice Noodles from Rice, Corn, Bean or Potato Starch

+ Rice/Potato/Bean/Rice Vermicelli Machine, Production Line↓

Heshan® instant rice vermicelli machine and production line use rice or corn, potato or bean starch as raw material and produces snow-white and flexible instant rice vermicelli. The instant rice vermicelli is so convenient that after only three minutes of cooking or steeping in hot water, it is ready for consumption with strong appetizing rice flavor. The automatic production of vermicelli through the following series of process:

Sand Removing → Milling → Rice Washing → Rice Soaking → Separating → Grinding → Pulp Filtering → Dehydrating → Steaming And Mixing → Rice Strip Extruding → Vermicelli Extruding → Cooling → Second Steaming → Cooling → Cutting → First Drying → Second Drying → Cooling → Packing → Finished Products

When corn, potato or bean starch is used as raw material, the milling unit is not required.



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+ Rice Stick Noodle Production Line↓

We are among the earliest of providers of the rice noodles machine and the rice stick noodles line. After the continuous rice slurry sheet is spread it steamed. Then the noodles are hanged on the hangers and dehydrated by hot air. The drying process is under comparatively lower temperature. The Heshan® Rice Stick Noodles Line produces Rice stick noodles through a series of process from semiautomatic to highly automatic:

Rice → Elevate → Rice Washing → Rice Soaking → Rice And Water Separating → Rice Milling → Filtering → Storing → quantify feed → Steaming → Drying → Cutting → Conveying → Packing

▶️ Rice Stick Noodle Production Line Project 2022

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+ Automatic Fresh Wet Rice Noodles Machines↓

Heshan® fresh rice noodles machines automatically produce fresh rice noodles strips or rolls through a series of process shown in the flowsheet bellow. The steaming machine is the central part of the assembly of the fresh rice noodles machines, which consists of the frame, steaming pot, starch distributing pan, pulp distributing mechanism, gear box, starch pump, steam piping and diesel burner. Its features are: short operation time for well cooked rice noodles and adjustable noodles trip thickness.

The fresh rice noodles is made by the following steps:

Rice Soaking-Mixing → Wet Rice Milling → Rice Slur Filtering → Rice Slur Concoction → Rice-Pasta-Sheet Steaming → Cooling → Soft Fresh Rice Noodles Rolling Machine → Wet Rice Noodles Cutting Machine → Fresh Rice Noodle Products

This is the principal process of wet rice noodles making with versions different slightly, which are suitable to make fresh Chinese jelly noodles, hefun, cold rice noodles, etc.

One variant is the Lai rice noodles making - Firstly the rice is soaked in the soaking tanks; and then the rice is sent to the rice noodles machine miller to prepare a rice slurry; thirdly, the slurry is extruded from the self-heated lai rice noodles machine extruder to form round shaped lai rice noodles; finally the lai noodles are cooked in a steamer, quenched in cold water after steaming and the lai noodles are ready for packaging.

Process Flow Diagram



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+ Automatic Spring Roll Sheet Machine↓

This machine can make 0.3-0.8 mm thickness of Chinese Spring Roll Sheets, India Crepes, Vietnamese Chả Giò, and French Crêpes, etc.


Mixing → Feeding → Contact Roller Toasting → Cooling → Cutting → Stacking



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+ Rice Flour Milling Plant↓

HESHAN MACHINERY CO. LTD. provides the Rice Flour Milling Turnkey Plant that is highly reliable and fully automatic. Please feel free to contact us for further details. Like all other Heshan food processing lines, our Rice Flour Milling Processing Lines are compact, reliable and fully automatic. First, there are Rice Soaking Tanks where the rice is soaked in water. Secondly, Vibration Conveyor - the drained wet rice is sent to the rice mill by this device. Thirdly, Pulse Dryer, this is the device to remove moisture from the rice. Fourthly, Pneumatic Sieve - the rice flour is sieved before it is sent to the secondary grinder. At last, the Flour Conveying System, the refined rice flour is conveyed to the final container for packing.

Process Flow Diagram


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Other Food Machines - Product Specifications

▶️ Showcase Videos Of Other Food Machines Category

We Provide Coated Fried Peanut Processing Line, Breakfast Cereal, Corn Flakes Production Line, Pet Food Production Line, Conveyor System, And Packaging System.

+ Fully Automatic Coated Peanut Frying Machine, Production Line↓

▶️ Coated-and-fried Japanese Peanuts Processing Line

PDF File: coated-peanuts-production-line.pdf

Heshan brand centrifugal peanut coating machine and peanut frying machine - automatic peanut coating and frying processing line is a complete set of snack peanut coating machines and peanut frying machines that use nut kernels as raw materials, applying coating on the nuts and frying them through the fully automatic continuous peanuts coating and frying production line to produce high quality snacks. Read More...

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+ Corn Flakes Machine, Breakfast Cereal Production Line Hompage↓

Breakfast Cereal Production Line Homepage

We provide turnkey projects of cereal corn flakes plants, complete sets of the corn flakes machine, wheat and rice breakfast cereal machines, the instant noodle production line and other food machines, processing dryers and conveyors. With years of researching and studying the corn flakes cereal making machine technology abroad and invested millions in the R&D of the production technology of the corn flakes cereal making machine, Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the leading providers of China's corn flakes cereal making machine, has successfully developed the high speed double rolling corn flakes cereal making machine and a serial of corn flakes Cereal Making Machines that are compatible to the cereal making machine used by the major cereal producers; after we produced a high speed twin-screw extruder of which the capacity is as high as 1000 kg/h.

+ Conveyor And Packaging System Homepage↓

Conveying and Packaging Homepage

The roller conveyor, the mesh conveyor, and the multi-link conveyor are widely used in dried and fried instant noodle production lines and other food processing line.

On the instant noodle production line, The roller conveyor, the mesh conveyor, and the multi-link conveyor are servicing the material handling, process connection, and product packaging. Check out our Heshan® YouTube Channel to find how conveyors play an important role in the instant noodles industry and other food processing processes.

+ Pet Food Machine↓

The PT series pet food production line is to produce nutritious pet food in various shape with soybean power as main raw material.



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+ Frying Oil Filter↓

EOF Frying Oil Filter can remove impurities and lower the contents of oil oxidation in the fried cooking oil to improve the quality of the frying food and prolong the frying oil life. Fry oil filter machines EOF-30F/30S/80F are the best choice for frying processing of instant noodle, chips, prawn crackers, nuts, French fry, fish and meat. The fry oil filter equipment EOF-5S is specially designed for filtering Cooking Oil for restaurants, bakeries and other small scale food manufacturers for frying food processing.



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